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Budget Hotel in Chiang Mai

For travelers who plan to visit Chiang Mai in 2024 but don’t have a place to stay yet. Must not miss out on ibis Nimman Journeyhub the best budget hotel in Chiang Mai to date. If you are looking for comfortable accommodations at an affordable price this hotel might be the perfect place for you.


Why stay in a Budget Hotel better than a Normal Hotel?


Why stay at Budget hotel

It’s worth mentioning that budget hotels and normal hotels cater to different types of travelers and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, budget hotels are generally more affordable than normal hotels, making them a great option for budget-conscious travelers who want to save on accommodation costs.

Secondly, budget hotels tend to offer a simpler, more low-key experience than normal hotels. Some travelers may prefer this pared-down approach. As it allows them to focus on their trip’s activities and experiences without the distractions of additional amenities and services.

Thirdly, budget hotels often have a more social atmosphere than normal hotels.

Lastly, because budget hotels often have fewer amenities, they may offer more unique experiences for travelers who are looking for something different.

For example, some budget hotels may offer cultural experiences such as cooking classes or tours of local neighborhoods.

In summary, whether a budget hotel is better than a normal hotel depends on the traveler’s individual preferences and priorities. While budget hotels offer affordability, simplicity, and a more social atmosphere, normal hotels offer a wider range of amenities and services.


Is it worth staying at the Budget Hotel in Chiang Mai?


The advantage of staying in a budget hotel in Chiang Mai is that they are typically located in convenient and central areas. Making it easy to explore the city’s attractions such as the old city or Nimmanhaemin area. which is known for its trendy cafes, bars, and shops, and can provide a great opportunity to meet other travelers from around the world where guests can socialize and exchange travel tips and stories

One example of a budget hotel in Chiang Mai is Ibis Nimman Journeyhub located in the Nimmanhaemin area. Where you can discover nightlife, and lifestyle shopping centers like MAYA & Nimman One.

ibis Chiang Mai also offers clean and stylish rooms with a relaxed atmosphere. A swimming pool, free Wi-Fi throughout your stay, and a 24-hour gym so you can always stay fit. Overall, a budget hotel in Chiang Mai can be a great option for travelers who are looking to save money on accommodations without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


Why ibis stand out as the Best Budget Hotel in Chiang Mai


Budget Hotel with swimming pool

There are many reasons why Ibis become the best budget hotel as follows:

Service: As a part of the biggest hotel chain in the world. Guests can enjoy various services that a 3-star hotel should have with the employees who have been trained according to regular standards.

Safety: The hotel always has a security guard on standby inside and outside 24 hours a. So travelers who stay here can relax and not feel disturbed by strangers.

Price: If you compare the prices of Ibis hotels to the average price of 3-star hotels in Chiang Mai, which is around 1,000 to 1,500 baht per night, it appears that the prices for these 3-star hotels are similar to or slightly higher than an Ibis hotel. However, it’s important to keep in mind that that doesn’t include the hotel’s deals such as


    • Stay 3 nights and get 15% off
    • Stay 5 nights and get 20% off
  • Plus 10% discount for Accor Plus members

Get up to 30% off your next stay of three nights minimum.


  • Booking the hotel 3 days in advance and get 20% off
  • Book 21 days in advance and get 25% off

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This is the reason why you should stay at ibis Chiang Mai Nimman Journeyhub. One of the best budget hotels in Thailand suitable for travelers looking for comfortable accommodations at an affordable price.

ibis Chiang Mai Nimman Journeyhub ☆☆☆address

7-17 Moo 2, Huay Kaew Road, Chang Phueak, Muang, 50300 Chiang Mai
Tel. +6652 004 700

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